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5 Bean Seed Kit

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Product Details

5 Pack of Heirloom Bean Seeds

What do you get?

This is more than just seeds. This is a food plot, an excellent home garden kit, one that will provide nutrition for you and your family.

· Blue Lake Bush Beans (approx 20-25)

· Goldrush Yellow Bush Beans (approx 20-25)

· Brown Kentucky Pole Beans (approx 20-25)

· Black Turtle Beans (approx 20-25)

· Black Eyed Peas (approx 20-25)

Be sure to prepare the soil with a good tilling using worm casings, compost, and some peat for a great nutrient rich home for your new seeds to grow.

* NOTE: These seeds come packaged as shown shipped in a poly envelope that allows for short term storage or immediate use. For seeds intended for long-term storage, please see our other listings which are packed in heat sealed Mylar.

* Planting instructions and a seed saving guide are included!

That's 5 amazing varieties that are specifically chosen to grow for a Summertime Harvest!

Get yours now before they are gone, supplies are limited......... everywhere

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