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Heirloom Ace 55 Tomato - Individual Seed Pack

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Ace Tomatoes are very easy to grow from seed. You should start you seeds indoors. Keep the soil warm and dark until the seedlings appear. A great place to keep them is on top of the fridge! They usually sprout out of the soil in about 7-10 days.
As soon as tomato sprouts appear, move the plants to a brighter area as they will need light to continue to grow.
The best time to grow is around 70ºF during the day and no cooler than 40ºF at night.
As your plant continues to grow up to 4" tall, transplant to larger pots. Bury them a bit lower into the soil than you would most other vegetables.
Ideal for consuming fresh rather than canned due to it's low acidity.
Ace 55 variety is tolerant to diseases such as Verticillium and Fusarium.
Appx. 80 days to maturity.
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