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Heirloom Beefsteak Tomato - Individual Seed Pack

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You should start you seeds indoors. Keep the soil warm and dark until the seedlings appear.

They usually emerge in about 7-10 days. Full Maturity is around 85 days.
As soon as the sprouts appear, move them to a brighter, cooler location. The best time to grow tomato seedlings is at about 70ºF during the day and no lower than 40ºF at night. This promotes strong root development.
As your plants continue to grow, transplant them to larger pots. Pot them a bit lower into the soil than you would most other vegetables.
You should always 'harden' tomato plants before transplanting them into the garden. They need to adapt to their new environment in order to thrive. Start by slowly introducing them to outside shaded areas and bringing them back indoors for the evening. Once plants are acclimated, they will be able to survive outdoors completely.
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