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Heirloom Black Beauty Eggplant Seeds - Individual Seed Pack

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Black Beauty Eggplant Seeds

Latin Name: Solanum melongena

Other Names: Aubergine, Brinjal Eggplant, Melongene, Brinjal or Guinea Squash

Days to Maturity: 74 days

Hardiness Zone: 5-12

Planting Depth: 1-2"

Plant Spacing: 12-24"

Row Spacing: 2'

Growth Habit: Upright

Soil Preference: Well drained, temperature between 50 and 75 degrees. Composted soil can help this variety grow.

Temp Preference: Warmer

Light Preference: Full Sun

Diseases/pests: Susceptible to aphids, whiteflies and leafhoppers.

Color :Dark Purple

Flavor :Savory and mildly bitter

Seed Packet Contains approx. ~1 Gram

A Perennial, often grown as an annual. Eggplants can be sown indoors and transplanted outdoors when they are at least 6 inches tall and the weather has warmed to at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit. To begin, poke a hole half an inch deep in each pot or tray that you are using, and sow 2 seeds in each. Lightly cover the seeds and place the pots or trays by a window with full sunlight. Eggplant needs moist soil to thrive, so keep the soil watered. Once you see 2 sets of leaves sprouting up, thin them out by cutting the weaker of the two down to soil level. After transplanting outdoors, you should water the Black Beauty eggplants every day to keep the soil moist. Since the crops can become heavy, it can be helpful to use a post, pole, or other support. When the globes are glossy, you can harvest them by snipping them off the vine.

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