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Heirloom Boston Cucumber- Individual Seed Pack

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Boston Pickling Cucumber Garden Seeds

Latin Name: Cucumis sativus

Days to Maturity: 50-60 days

Planting Depth: 1"

Plant Spacing: 18"

Row Spacing: 7'

Growth Habit: Vine

Soil Preference: Moist and well drained, pH 6-7

Temp Preference: Warmer

Light Preference: Full Sun

Diseases/pests: Corn Wireworms, Cutworms

Color: Bright green

Flavor: Sweet and Tender

Seeds Per Package: Approx. .7 grams

Start your Boston Cucumbers indoors and get ahead on the growing season! Sow ½ -1” with 2-3 seeds per pot, seedlings will emerge after 1-2 weeks. You may then transplant to your outdoor garden until plants are fully mature! First let them get accustomed to the outdoors by separating them into single pots and in a sheltered area, they will then be ready to be fully outdoors. After 7-8 weeks and when the fruit is 6-7” long, the Cucumbers are ready to harvest. Of course, you may plant directly into an outdoor garden if the risk of frost has passed. When harvesting, cut the cucumber from the vine in the early morning to maintain the best flavor. Cucumbers are great low calorie and high nutrient foods to enjoy any time of day! You may freeze, refrigerate, or pickle your Boston Cucumbers to enjoy later!

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