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Heirloom Brussels Sprouts- Individual Seed Pack

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• Latin Name: brassica oleracea var. gemmifera

• Other Names:Brussel Sprouts

• Days to Maturity: 100 days

• Hardiness Zone: Zones 3-9

• Planting Depth: 1⁄2"

• Plant Spacing:18-24"

• Row Spacing:30"

• Growth Habit: Upright

• Soil Preference: Moist with organic matter is best, ph of about 6.8

• Temp Preference: Cooler

• Light Preference: Full, although in climates with hot summers, afternoon shade can help

• Resistances: Drought None

• Color: Pale Green

• Flavor: Full cabbage flavor

• Seeds Per Package: Approx. ~1.2 Grams

A close relative to cabbage, Brussels sprouts are a cool weather that requires a fertile heavy soil. Brussels sprouts become bitter when allowed to dry out. Harvest when sprouts are an inch in diameter and tight. Breaking off the leaf directly below the sprout will help in sprout production.

Brussels Sprouts do best in cold climates, and is very tolerant of frost. Organic matter can help the seeds to grow, and this crop will find the most success in full sun, or as much as possible. Sow the seeds half an inch deep, with eighteen to twenty four inches between plants, and thirty inches between rows. As the Brussels Sprouts are growing, the soil will need to remain moist, and will need one inch of water each week. The sprouts can be harvested when they are firm and one to two inches in diameter. To harvest, twist the sprouts until they become separated from the plant. If you would like to harvest all the sprouts at the same time, you can force them to mature simultaneously by cutting off the top of the plant three weeks before you want to harvest. While the sprouts can take up to one hundred days to reach maturity, they make great crops to grow during the winter and colder months of the year.

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