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Heirloom Cantaloupe Seeds- Individual Seed Pack

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Hales Best Jumbo Cantaloupe Melon Seeds

Latin Name: Cucumis melo var. cantalupensis

Days to Maturity: 85-120 days

Hardiness Zone: 3-12

Planting Depth: ½-1"

Plant Spacing: 1-2"

Row Spacing: 4-6'

Growth Habit: Vine

Soil Preference: At least 70 degrees. Mulch can help maintain moisture in the soil.

Temp Preference: Warmer

Light Preference: Full Sun

Diseases/pests: Susceptible to melon aphids, cucumber beetles, downy and powdery mildew.

Color: Light golden

Flavor: Mild, similar to honeydew.

Seed Packet Contains approx. 1.7 Grams

This melon thrives in warmer weather. This plant will produce uniform round, juicy melons for summer eating! When sowing, plant the seeds half an inch deep, with 4 to 6 feet between plants. The cantaloupe can benefit from mulch, which will help maintain the moisture of the soil. While the cantaloupe is growing, monitor the vine and pinch off any blossoms or smaller melons. By doing this, you can redirect the energy from the vine to the biggest fruits. When watering the vine, it’s best to do so at a low level. This will prevent the leaves from getting wet, which can cause and spread disease through the vine. When the cantaloupe melons are slightly golden, they should easily be pulled from the vine. Picked melons will keep for several weeks.

This melon may take up to 85 days til it reaches full maturity. Yielding large, oval, ribbed fruits weighing up to 5 to 6 pounds, this cantaloupe is a traditional favorite. With heavy netting and fine textured, bright orange flesh, it holds a sweet flavor. Drought tolerant. Introduced in 1924, the Hales Best Jumbo variety of cantaloupe is a large melon with a mild and sweet taste. The vine produces melons that reach maturity in as soon as eighty five days. These seeds do best with full sun, in zones three to twelve.

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