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Heirloom Chantenay Carrot- Individual Seed Pack

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• Latin Name: daucus carota subsp. Sativus

• Other Names:

• Days to Maturity: 68 days

• Hardiness Zone: 3-9

• Planting Depth: 1⁄2"

• Plant Spacing: 4"

• Row Spacing: 9-16"

• Growth Habit: Upright

• Soil Preference: Light, well drained, sandy soil

• Temp Preference: Warmer

• Light Preference: Full Sun

• Diseases/pests: Susceptible to weevils and carrot rust fly

• Seeds Per Package: Approx. ~1 gram

Plant the seeds half an inch deep in sandy or heavy soil, as soon as it can be worked. You will want to leave four inches between the plants and nine to sixteen inches between rows. While growing, the crops will need one inch of water each week. After sixty eight days, the Chantenay carrots will be ready to be harvested. Chantenay carrot seeds produce blunt roots that can grow up to six inches long. These carrots thrive with full sun in zones three to nine, and does best in sandy or heavy soil. The Chantenay carrot is ready to harvest at sixty eight days.

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