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Heirloom Pinto Bean - Individual Seed Pack

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Heirloom Pinto Bean Seeds.

Pinto beans are a great source of nutrition because they contain high amounts of protein and fiber. The beans are easy to plant and do not require much care or attention. High in protein, these small speckled brown beans are the most popular dry shell beans for winter use!

Maturity in approx. 85 days

They prefer a loose, moist soil. Plant after all frost has past.

Pole beans will need some type of support to grow on. Be sure to use a trellis, or fence. Plant 3-6 seeds 6 inches apart.

Harvest by gently pulling each bean from the vine or by snapping off the vine end, if you are going to be using the beans right away.

Shell Pinto Beans is most notably used in Mexican Cuisine. These hard brown-speckled beans make for great chilies and refried beans. They are easy to grow and have a shelf life of five years. They can tolerate being dried out while growing, making them an easy bean to grow. With a shelf life of five years, pinto beans are a great option for those who enjoy edible gardening

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