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Personalized Gardener Gift Set - 30 Pack Survival Garden - Gift Mug - Seed Packs - Heirloom Organic Vegetable Seed Packs - Non-GMO

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Personalized Gardener Gift Set with our 30 pack Essential Survival Garden Seed Kit and Mug!
Keep the mug for yourself or give as a gift to your favorite gardener!
Buy this heirloom vegetable seed pack kit. We have carefully selected only the finest vegetable seeds with the highest purity and germination rates available anywhere. This vegetable seed kit contains 30 unique packs of all your favorites. With a well balanced and nutrient rich mix of home grown vegetables in your garden, you can be sure you will be growing a sustainable food source for both you and your family.
The kit contains all the classic favorites from iconic heirloom Tomatoes such as Beefsteak, Roma, or Ace. The familiar bean types all home gardeners should have like Blue Lake Bush, Kentucky Pole, Garden Green Tenderette, Fordhook Lima Butter Beans, or Pinto. Soil enriching legumes like Oregon Sugar Pod Snow Peas, or Hearty and Tender English Knigh Peas. Leafy greens that can be planted and harvested twice a year in two seasons like Georgia Southern Collards, Giant Leaf Mustard, Bloomsdale Green Leaf Spinach, or the famous super-food Dwarf Siberian Kale!
Not to forget those family dinner classics such as Golden Acre Cabbage, Long Island Brussels, Detroit Red Beets, Harris Parsnips, or delicious Butternut Squash!
Also those great salad makers like Parris Island Romaine Lettuce, Cucumber, Chantenay Carrots, Sweet Yolo Bell Peppers, Cherry Belle Radishes
Hearty vegan style dishes can be made from our American Rutabaga, Clemson Okra, Black Beauty Eggplant.
Spice it up with Jalapeno or Hot Hungarian Yellow Peppers or have a sweet pickled treat with fresh home grown Banana Peppers.
You get all the favorites, Like Summer Crookneck Yellow Squash, Black Beauty Zucchini, Hale’s Best Cantaloupe, Sugar Pie Pumpkins, Sweet Sugar Baby Watermelon, and so many more!
Each production lot of these vegetable kits are unique and will all have a different mix from one batch to the next depending on whats available. The will never be any repeats and each kit will contain at least 3 bean varieties plus heirloom tomatoes, with a great selection accompanying them.
*All of our seeds are both tested in the lab and real-world grown in the ground to ensure high germination rates.
*We strive to provide the best mix selection to deliver the highest nutritional content
*Every order includes a planting guide and instructions for seed saving. Where these are open-pollinated seed can be saved from year to year for new crops.
*Sealed for long-term storage, you kit will last and the seeds will remain viable for 10+ years if carefully stored
*NON-GMO – We pledge that we do not under any circumstances knowingly buy, sell, or trade genetically altered or modified seeds…. EVER!
*Statement on Organic: Although these particular seeds are not USDA certified organic, they are produced using organic methodology, and harvested in a responsible and sustainable manner.
The seed bank itself contains approximately *15,000+/- seeds of 30 varieties and instructions for planting, harvesting, and planting harvested seed stock.
*Seed Count will vary depending on which varieties are selected at the time of packing. ALL KITS WILL INCLUDE TOMATO, PEPPERS, AND AT LEAST 3 TYPES OF BEANS IN THE SELECTION.
All kits include 30 individual packs that may included but not limited to the following varieties of seeds:
Blue Lake #274 Bush Beans
Hales Best Cantaloupe
Sugar Pie Pumpkin
Crimson Sweet Watermelon
Black Beauty Eggplant
Chantenay Carrot
Beef Steak Tomato
Hungarian Hot Yellow Peppers
Pinto Beans
Dwarf Siberian Kale
Oregon Sugar Pod Snow Peas
American Purpletop Rutabaga
Sweet Spanish White Onion
Bloomsdale Spinach
Georgia Southern Collards
Top Notch Golden Wax Beans
Southern Giant Mustard Greens
Harris Parsnips
Garden Tenderette Green Beans
Yolo Wonder Sweet Bell Peppers
Clemson Spineless Okra
Purpletop White Globe Turnips
Parris Island Romaine Lettuce
Cherry Belle Radish
White Sweet Corn
Long Island Brussels Sprouts
Crookneck Yellow Squash
Snowball Cauliflower
Roma Tomato
Golden Acre Cabbage
Waltham Broccoli
Boston Cucumbers
Black Beauty Zucchini
Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans
Yellow Sweet Corn
Henderson Lima Beans
Detroit Red Beets
Knight Peas (Red Treated)
* NOTE: These seeds come packaged as shown in resealable Mylar for use now, or long term storage for later. (10+ year shelf life)
* Planting instructions and a seed saving guide are included!
Specifically chosen to grow in all regions of the USA!

Get yours now before they are gone, supplies are limited......... everywhere

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