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Personalized Gardener Gift Set - Immunity Health Garden - Gift Mug - Seed Packs - Heirloom Organic Vegetable Seed Packs - Non-GMO

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Personalized Gardener Gift Set with Immunity Health Garden Seed Kit and Mug!

Keep the mug for yourself or give as a gift to your favorite gardener!

Boost your immune system and fight off cold's with food from your own garden!

What do you get?

You get one of the finest seed kits available on Etsy!

This is more than just seeds. This is a food plot, an excellent home garden kit, one that will provide nutrition for you and your family.

· Gold Rush Yellow Wax Beans (approx 20-25)

· Roma Tomato VF (approx 200)

· Ace Tomato VF (approx 200)

· Cherry Belle Radish (approx 200)

· Hungarian Yellow Pepper (approx 200)

· Butternut Squash (approx 15-20)

· Purple Top White Globe Turnips (approx 250)

· Detroit Red Beets (approx 100)

· Long Standing Leaf Spinach (approx 75)

· Sugar Pie Pumpkin (approx 15-20)

· Yellow Crookneck Squash (approx 15-20)

· Dwarf Siberian Kale (approx 250)

· Black Beauty Eggplant (approx 50)

· Waltham Broccoli (approx 200)

· Hale's Best Cantaloupe (approx 15-20)

These varieties have been chosen for their amazing health benefits and immunity boosting effects!

Tomatoes are excellent for providing Vitamin C and antioxidants. Roma Tomatoes have been known to reduce blood clotting and cardiovascular diseases by providing a protecting layer to blood vessels.

Squash and Melons are full of Vitamin A, C, and minerals such as Magnesium and Folate. These are great immune system boosters and known to reduce blood pressure and prevent certain cancers.

The health benefits of greens are endless! Broccoli, Kale, and Spinach are packed with omega-3 fatty acids and anti-inflammatory properties. Known for their detoxifying benefits, greens are great for cleansing and reducing toxins.

Grow your own super-immune-boosting sustainable garden and increase your health all in one!

Be sure to prepare the soil with a good tilling using worm casings, compost, and some peat for a great nutrient rich home for your new seeds to grow.

* NOTE: These seeds come packaged as shown, enclosed in a resealable Mylar bag for extended use and storage. They are then shipped to you in a poly envelope.

* Planting instructions and a seed saving guide are included!

That's 15 amazing varieties that are specifically chosen to grow in all regions of the USA!

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